Dr. Heather Rader


Pelvic Physical Therapist

Dr. Heather Rader is a  certified expert and patient advocate in the field of Pelvic Health.  With over 25 years of experience, she is one of the few specialists in the state of Florida who is dual certified in Pelvic Rehabilitation and Biofeedback. 


Her treatment focus is exclusive to pelvic health - you can be assured your physical therapy treatments are based on the most current research. She is involved in discussions in the community, inter-professionally, and internationally on all topics related to pelvic health dysfunction, which allows her to stay at the forefront of innovation and be current with evidence based practices.  She sits on the Medical Board of the Cauda Equina Foundation.

She is a senior faculty member at the Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute, which provides continuing education courses for healthcare professionals like physical therapists, physicians, and fitness pros.  Click here to view her upcoming maternal and pelvic heath courses and mentoring services for professionals.

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She is an advocate for Pelvic Health and strives to elevate the national conversation on pelvic and maternal health.  Click here to view her TEDxTalk on Overactive Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.   She is also available for expert interviews for  magazines, podcasts, and other media outlets.

Quotes from How to Save Someone from a Pelvic Floor Muscle Attack

The Clinic

Located in the Eustis Community Birth & Wellness Center in

Historic Downtown Eustis

16 N. Eustis Street   Eustis, FL 32727

Patients know they are in good company the minute they walk through the front door.  Dr. Rader believes your story matters and has structured her appointments to give ample time for your care.  The clinic was designed with you in mind. 


You will only be treated by Dr. Rader – no being passed around to therapy aides in a gym - just one-on-one, hands-on care in a quiet and private setting. Dr. Rader is a specialized doctor of physical therapy who strives to identify the root causes of your problem and then partner alongside you to develop an individualized and comprehensive treatment plan.

The clinic is located in beautiful downtown Eustis, FL, and is part of the healthcare team at the Community Birth and Wellness Center.  Click here for directions and contact information.

Treatment Approach

What to Expect

Respect, compassion, and privacy


You will be treated only by Dr. Rader in a private treatment room. 


​If you have trouble sitting, you are welcome to lie down or stand at any time.  Adaptive cushions are also available for your use.


A Personalized Treatment Plan


Dr. Rader will work with you to create an individualized treatment plan, focusing on what is most important to you.  Whether you want to return to competitive sports or just want to do yard work without pain, your priorities come first.  Your treatment plan will include a combination of techniques that may include the following:

  • Manual Therapy

  • Myofascial /trigger point release

    • Soft tissue techniques

    • Joint mobilization

    • Internal pelvic floor muscle manual therapy

  • State of the Art Tools

    • Surface EMG biofeedback – external or internal – for muscle re-education

    • Electrical stimulation to manage pain or improve muscle functions such as TENS, NMES, and MPS

  • Education

    • To augment your treatment sessions, you may be given one or more of the following to help you manage your symptoms

    • Exercises for you to do at home (muscle strengthening and relaxation, stretching, and release techniques

    • Behavior modification techniques – learn to overcome an overactive bladder with “mind over bladder” strategies, or learn how to control pain through pain science education

    • Suggestions on making adjustments to your diet


No “Cookbook” or Protocols – Advance at your own pace

Throughout the course of your treatment, Dr. Rader will address and monitor your progress.  Be sure to tell her if you are experiencing pain, have new symptoms, or have difficulty performing any at-home exercises.

By tracking how you are doing, she can focus on areas that need continued attention.  Treatment techniques will be modified or changed, as necessary – no “cookbook” protocols. 

Dr. Rader considers herself your partner in healing.  You are encouraged to express any concerns or questions you may have about your treatment plan. The greater your understanding of your conditions and care plan, the more you are empowered to manage your condition.

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