• Masks are required during treatment sessions to minimize risk of transmission until further notice.
  • The waiting room allows for social distancing and is frequently sanitized.

Where is The OB PT Clinic?

  • The clinic is located in the Community Birth & Wellness Center in historic downtown Eustis, FL.
  • The address is 16 North Eustis Street, Eustis, FL 32726
  • Parking is free. Spots are available in the parking lot behind the building, the two-story parking garage across the street, and anywhere along the street.
  • The clinic is operates from an executive office suite, along with other healthcare professionals, including S.P.A. Chiropractic and Soul Awakening Acupuncture.

What should I wear?

  • Comfortable, loose fitting clothes and shoes that are easy to remove are best.

Can I bring someone with me?

  • Yes.
  • You are welcome to invite a friend or family member to come with you for physical or emotional support or to act as a second person chaperone during your evaluation.

Do I need a prescription?

  • No.
  • The state of Florida does not require you to have a referral to have a physical therapy evaluation.
  • If your care extends beyond 30 days, a physician will either need to write a prescription for physical therapy or review and sign your physical therapy plan of care.

What should I bring with me to my first visit?

  • Paperwork​ - to be submitted online
    • A New Patient Packet will be emailed to you after you make your initial appointment.
    • Please complete and return prior to your appointment
  • Referral
    • If a medical or chiropractic physician.nurse practitioner, or midwife referred you, please bring a copy of the prescription.
  • Test results
    • Diagnostic reports that you feel are relevant to your condition will be reviewed.
  • Calendar
    • You will have the opportunity to book your next treatment.
  • Payment method
    • You may pay with cash, credit or debit card, or with a check made out to The OB PT Clinic.

Do you take Medicare?

  • No
  • The OB PT Clinic is not a Medicare provider.
  • Federal regulations prohibit physical therapists from treating people with Medicare, Replacement Plans, and Medicaid who are not registered providers, EVEN IF YOU PAY CASH.

Do you take health insurance?

  • Not directly. The OB PT Clinic does not participate in insurance plans. Dr. Rader's services may be covered under out of network benefits, however.
  • After payment for treatment, you will be provided with a detailed receipt of treatment (“superbill”) that you can submit to your insurance company for re-imbursement.

Am I required to have an internal exam?

  • No
  • Some pelvic muscle conditions are best assessed intra-vaginally or intra-rectally, but starting your treatment is not dependent upon the internal muscle exam.
  • Alternative methods of assessment are available to you.

I am on my period. Should I cancel my appointment?

  • This is up to you and your level of comfort.
  • If you are regularly recieving internal treatments (manual therapy, biofeedback), know that several alternate external treatment options are available to you, and treatment does not have to be interrupted.

Do you charge a fee if I cancel the day of my appointment?

  • No, even if you cancel right before your appointment. Life can be unpredictable, especially for the folks in need of pelvic physical therapy. Dr. Rader knows people with chronic conditions and Moms with very busy lives can't anticipate when a bad day will occur or when childcare plans will fall through.

  • Dr. Rader asks you let her know if you can't make your appointment. Contact her by phone at (352) 585-9135, email at, or you can self-cancel and self-reschedule through the scheduling app at your convienence. You can include a message of explanation as well. Check your email or text for the appointment reminder and you will find the link.

  • If you “no show,” meaning you do not contact before the appointment, Dr. Rader reserves the right to have you pre-pay before your next visit.

Can I bring my baby with me?

  • Yes, you are welcome to bring your child with you into the treatment room.

Do you offer Telehealth?

  • Yes
  • Most, but not all, services can occur via telehealth with some modifications.
  • Click here to schedule an hour long telehealth session.

Frequently Asked Questions