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Physical Therapy
for the



The OB PT Clinic is THE place for prenatal, postpartum, and pelvic physical therapy.  Owner Dr. Heather Rader has been a pelvic physical therapist for over 25 years and specializes in maternal physical therapy.


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Dr. Heather Rader


Doctor of Physical Therapy

Maternal & Pelvic Health Expert

​A specialist in her field for nearly 25 years,  Dr. Rader is dual certified in pelvic rehabilitation and pelvic floor biofeedback

"Helping people heal from pelvic and abdominal problems is my profession, passion, and my complete focus."


Dr. Rader's


Learn to identify the 5 signs of
overactive pelvic floor muscles

Why Maternal Physical Therapy?


Maternal physical therapy is an early and preventative health model to help mothers identify pre-existing problems, restore the pelvic floor and abdominal muscle function, and prevent future pelvic, spine, and hip dysfunction and pain.
While she continues to treat pelvic health concerns of all genders, her outreach as a clinician now focuses on the prenatal and postpartum populations. "For years, I have listened to my older patients with bladder, bowel, and prolapse issues say they wish they had started therapy as a new mother rather than a grandmother.  This needs to change." 


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I wish I met you when I was a new mom instead of a grandmother

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Where do I start?
Get your fitness concerns handled

  • Prenatal Fitness

  • Postpartum Core Exercises

  • Safe Fitness for Prolapse & Diastasis

  • Return to running/HIIT without pain or leakage

Woman with prolapse running in grey and black tank top

Find your Stride

Leaking urine is never normal.

Did you know incontinence and prolapse are common amongst female athletes, even those who haven't had kids?

Get your pelvic floor and core health checked out by a doctor of physical therapy.



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This therapy has changed my days for the better.  I'm no longer running to the bathroom every 45 minutes.  I'm not getting up 3-4 times anymore, only once.  I am very satisfied with the result of my treatment. This clinic is great!

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I am 100% better than when I started therapy.  My pregnancy pain was so  debilitating, that I couldn't work.  I'm so very thankful that my doctor took my pain issues seriously and referred me to Dr. Heather.

Woman throwing head back smiling with confetti

I didn't think I could return to the gym after my prolapse diagnosis.  Dr. Rader helped me heal on the inside so I could get back to the workouts I love.  Plus, now I no longer leak when I lift my toddler!  Thank you Dr. Rader!

Womin in pink taffeta dress hiding pelvic pain with sunglasses

Pelvic Dysfunction can steal your hope.


Pelvic physical therapy can give it back.  Many pelvic and abdominal problems are related to musculoskeletal challenges.  While you can be cured of a disease or infection, you can only heal from muscle dysfunction.


Without ongoing self-care, weakness or poor flexibility will return, along with your old symptoms.  Dr. Rader will teach you strategies for symptom relief today and arm you with self-care solutions for lifelong symptom control.

"Dr. Heather Rader changed the way that I view and deal with my pelvic pain. She gave me the knowledge and tools to assess, confront, and overcome a sometimes-disabling condition. Her TED Talk made me cry. She is amazing!"

Schedule your Session Today

Schedule your Session Today

Please note...

This clinic does not contract with insurance providers.  We are “out of network” with all insurances, including Medicare* and Medicaid, and do not file claims.  We are a small, fee-for-service clinic and collect payment at the time of service.  Upon request, we can provide you with an itemized bill with the required information needed to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.

Most insurances and health savings accounts will reimburse the cost of physical therapy during pregnancy, the postpartum period, and for the pelvic health concerns of all genders. Please check your policy to know for sure.

*Dr. Rader sees Medicare patients at another clinic location.  Please see "Contact" section for scheduling details.

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