Treatment Options

The OB PT Clinic offers two treatment pathways for Maternal and Pelvic Dysfunction:

Traditional Physical Therapy and Wellness Workshops.

Physical Therapy

Focus – Rehabilitation and Recovery



  • Covered by most insurances and HSA’s

  • Note –not in-network with private insurance.  Check your out of network benefits to determine how much your insurance company will reimburse you.

  • ​Note – Not a Medicare provider.  Medicare, Medicare Replacement Plan, and Medicaid recipients cannot receive “skilled PT” in this clinic, even if you pay cash (This is due to federal law.)  You can participate in Wellness Workshops (see below), but the cost is not reimbursable.

  • Without knowing your history, it is impossible to predict how much therapy you will need. Dr. Rader's patients typically are seen once every 1-2 weeks over a period of 1-3 months, depending on the severity of your condition.  Most patients begin to report symptom relief after a few visits.


Evaluation – 90 minutes: $250

Treatment – 60 minutes: $125

Wellness Workshops

Focus – Prevention,Return to Fitness, and Symptom Management



  • Not covered by insurance, but some HSA's may reimburse you.

  • Some issues will require more than one visit.


Fit to Deliver Birth Prep

  • Expecting a baby?  Let’s get you ready for labor and delivery!

  • Attend an online workshop or have one-on-one                                                                   instruction to physically prepare your body to give birth.

  • Whatever your birth plan or birthing choices are,                                                                       Dr. Rader is here to support you.


4th Trimester Postpartum Checkup

  • After the OB, see the Pelvic PT!

  • Whether you just had your 6 weeks postpartum                                                                   checkup with the OB, or your “baby” is now a teenager,                                                              it’s never too late to recover from childbirth. 

  • Get your post-pregnancy body questions answered by a pelvic health expert.


Inner Fitness

  • Do you have or think you might have a prolapse? 

  • Get customized tips to manage prolapse, so symptoms don't progress.

  • Learn "pelvic floor safe" fitness modifications so you can keep exercising

  • Avoid or delay surgery.

How to Kegel

  • Did you know Dr. Kegel used biofeedback to teach his patients how to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles? 

  • Brochures or websites on how to Kegel are incredibly ineffective - most will do incorrectly.

  • "See" your pelvic floor muscles work on a computer using sEMG (external sensors provided) and learn how to do Kegels the right way.

  • Sign up for this Wellness Workshop:

    • If you've done Kegels "forever" and still have issues.

    • If you think you should do Kegels but don't know how many.

    • If you want to minimize post-surgical or post-radiation incontinence and sexual dysfunction and are:

      • Male and considering prostate or genital surgery

      • Female and considering GYN or abdominal surgery

      • Non-binary and considering a gender confirmation surgery


Pelvic Pain School

  • Learn the best ways to manage pain using the latest research on its management.

  • Pain Neuroscience Education (PNE) strategies can greatly help persistent pelvic pain syndromes, even if you've had problems for years.


Wellness Workshop - 60 minutes: $125

Wellness Follow-up – 60 minutes: $125


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